Tales of Samsara
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2001-12-28 03:54:23 (UTC)

Up the Hill


I had a small Christmas spent it with my mother, brother
and father.. Most of my relatives are in Georgia now so
unfortunately didn't benefit in eating Grandmother's
amazing Polish feast this year. 8( Watched "Moulin Rouge"
and cried a river..That movie could move a boulder..Then
viewed "As Good as it Gets" with mother to put some life
back into me.

Day after Christmas, did my regular Wednesday routine went
to work and went to Connections to dance and loosen some
chains. I felt kind of sick so I left earlier..

Tonight I'm exhausted.. Just recieved an email from my
favorite Toilet Boy.. I love em!!! What a band!! Well time
to fly to the subconscious realm...Goodnight Diary..

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