the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:51:44 (UTC)

Janet Spinoto, Mother of 3

Janet Spinoto, Mother of 3

August 22, 1998

I knew so many people
if only I mourned so many people
I wonder if johannes remembers me

am I supposed to cry for him
am I supposed to remember him

I wish I knew of more than his name
I still respect you, to this day
Nineteen years after you died
a memory your grand kid has
this is what I'll carry with me

I'll always remember you this way
trust me on that one
I'll make it true to you
and your family

this will be my way to save you,
you know, and me, and the rest of the world

I don't remember
you disintegrating before me
and when it meant nothing to me