a poetic Heartº
2001-12-28 03:18:45 (UTC)

Don't Make Me

You dont know me
so dont make me do things
I try living right,
but everytime You wont let me change

I dont like being pressured
the way you do
I liked the old you,
I hate the new

I may not do them
because I dont think there right
and I dont like fussing with you,
I dont like to fight

But you need to understand
Im trying to get my life straight
And your messing it up
doing whatever it takes

You talk to me
in an uncomfortable way
Thinking Im actually gonna do
whatever you say

You need a reality check
cause you think wrong
I now know that being with you
aint where I belong

Now Im beginning to see
Clearly right through you
Your making me do things
I never wanted to do

Been pressured most my life
by people who didnt care
Been treated like I was worthless,
Lifes so unfare

I thought you were different
You were supposed to stand by me
Now Im beginning to see the true you
Thats my enemy

You took my innocense for granted
did you know
You made me feel
at my all time low

So now I'm gonna let you hear this
And hope that you agree
For your telling me wrong to do

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