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2001-12-28 02:55:15 (UTC)

First Entry

Listening to: CKY - Flesh into Gear
Mood: Alright
Time Started: 12.37pm

Well, I decided to start an online diary because I've been
thinking lately I should start another diary so I can read
my entries in the future and shit. But I am to lazy to
write one all time, so If I have an online one I get to
type it, which is cool. Plus I don't have to manage it, it
is all done for me.

Anyway, Brad's having his work party tonight. I had to
clean the laundry and toilet for it, but I don't mind cause
it means Ken and Roxy can come now. I'm going to Ken's
house in about 15 minutes. He wants me to upload the
webpage I made for him on to the internet. Then we are
coming back here for the party. I bet it's gonna be real
shit. Won't bother me though, I'll just hang with Roxy.

I dunno if I should have this diary public or private.
Cause I was planning on writing all my thoughts and shit
here. I never used to care if people read them, but I'm
having second thoughts now. I guess if I don't tell people
I don't want to read then it should be cool. I don't care
if strangers know my inner thoughts.

Fuck I can't wait for New Years. Last year was so much
fun. I was going out with Roxy back then. I had so much
fun with her that night. I was really dreading New Years
this year, cause I thought I would be all sad and shit
thinking about how much fun it was last year with Roxy.
But now me and Rox are going out again and I'll get to
spend it with her once more. I love hanging out with her.
In fact I love her in general. I haven't told her that
though. I've never told anyone that I loved them before.
Because I have never loved anyone before. I'm just worried
that she might not like me that much and I could scare her
away. I keep telling myself I'm gonna tell her the next
time I see her. Then when we are alone I go to tell her
but I chicken out. I wan't to tell her tonight, I'll see
how it goes.

Well I think that's it for today. Not much of an entry,
hopefully future ones will be more interesting. I'll try
and write daily too.

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