the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:51:11 (UTC)

Pool Together Our Money

Pool Together Our Money

September 2, 1998

the most insane people got in charge
of teaching, they probably
lied their way to the right job
somehow, somewhere, someone
was put in charge of deciding who would learn what,
and I think those people really actually know
very little decided to pull one big joke
over on the students and the world

spill the beans and get it over with
it's something we should all know
if only we could have been strong enough
to pool together our money and tried
to beat the extracting of blood

all of these people with no real brains
decided to screw up all the good things
that were supposed to be produced by intelligent
people in intelligent parts of the world

all of these people with no real intelligence
decided to create a joke
and they decided to take all the intelligence
they could find, and they decided to destroy that

just make people stupid, in a way that no one
could ever think of
all the stupid people would gain their strength

so this is the way that people with no talent
manage to rise in their fame
and everyone can suffer in the process

no one has the skill to defend
themselves or anyone else
that is the world if we lost all intelligence

isn't that the world now