Inside my mind
2001-12-28 02:36:04 (UTC)

Another Day

Today is yet another day that is boring. Here's a word of
advice to everyone out there: GUYS SUCK BIG DICKS!!! And
all chicks should know that for a fact. I sware I think
that's written in a book somewhere. Or maybe it's even a
title to a book well novel actually, b/c it would take a
novel just to write everything in there about guys. LoL As
you can tell I'm having a bad day today w/that hottie I was
tellin' yal 'bout a few days ago. I so don't understand how
they can be so sweet and innocent talking to u one minute,
then go off n ignore u the next? Oh well, I'm not gonna get
worked up about it, b/c advadently he's not worth it. As
the saying goes: Any guy worth your tears will never make
you cry. Even though he hasn't made me cry, he's still not
worth getting pissed off about. So everyone can just kiss
my ass n fuck off.