words better left unsaid
2001-12-28 02:22:16 (UTC)

~holding breath~

Okay so this day was supposed to be boring right?? Im not
sure what happend to that idea but it was anything but
boring! It started off us cleaning house until about 2.
My grandmothers doctor called and said that her vain has a
clot in it. This is bad because she is on Dialisis (sp?)
and has had three vain transplants. Her vains are not
strong enough or big enough to handle the treatment. So
this is her third vein and it might not be working. If
this doesn't work, she will die very soon. So that was bad
news. When she came home from the dr. we all took her out
to lunch, my mother, my sister, my aunt and me. She enjoys
going out with us so we wanted to cheer her up a bit. but
when we returned home the drs number was on the caller id.
Before we had a chance to call the dr back they called
again and said that my grandmothers blood test had come in
and she had to come to the hospital asap and be prepared to
stay... that was scarry. So this day has been anything but
boring and normal. its been hectic. but my boyfriend
called and told me he was praying for my grandmother and
our family. so it made me feel better. He has a lot going
on right now too. money problems :( I have money problems anyway, I guess that's enough rambeling. I'll
Write more later..and ill keep ya posted about my