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2001-12-28 02:01:05 (UTC)

This and that

Mood: content
Song: "Lemonade" by Tsunami Bomb

Got home not too long ago from hanging out with Arpana. We
had indian food for lunch (yum!) and went to see 'Not
Another Teen Movie' Mita called last minute and couldn't
come, wah. I got a neato bracelet from Arpana. I need to
get her something too, but what? I don't think I want to
get the lil stuffed animal that says that religious prayer
for her anymore. It sounds kinda crappy now that I think
about it. But then again, maybe I will. The movie was
okay, was funny and crude. Weee...

Sigh, geez, what day is today? I still have a whole month
left of vacation before college starts again. What to do,
what to do? I wonder what Jonathan is doing. Gah, why does
he have to occupy my mind so much? I'm not even sure if he
likes me. I mean, sometimes it seems like he does, I was
under that impression when we were walking around
Manhattan last time. No, he didn't make any moves on me,
but just the things he said, I guess. But then at the ISO
meeting, we were pretty quiet. I sat next to him, finally!
I have trouble talking to him when theres other people
around though. Its so hard to, too damn shy. Oh I wish
wish wish I wasn't so shy sometimes... why can't I be bold
and flirt my way to his heart? Or any guys' hearts? Oh
well, just be myself I guess. I can only be myself and
talk with confidence when I'm alone with him though. And
that's not very often... :( (Super... an emo song is
playing now! "Song About an Angel" by Sunny Day Real
Estate. Make me blue, won'tcha?) Anyway, I hope he was
able to register in the same Psych 100 class as me!! Then
I'll see him 2-3 days a week next semester and get to know
him better. I want to know him better. He's so awesome, I
don't know why I am so attracted to him. He has an edge,
he's not like those guys who think they're so hot and all
that shit. He seems shy sometimes, but when I was talking
to him last time when we were alone, he seemed more open.
And I was so much more myself and confident! It was worth
not getting an 'A ' and instead an 'A' in english 120! :P
Well, I HOPE it is. Blaaah. He's probably in Vermont right
now... he'll be back on 1/8. ^^; I hope he's not with some
girl... I feel so down sometimes 'cause I don't even know
what he thinks about me. You know what, I'm going to ask
him if he has a girlfriend next time we're alone. I don't
think he has one, from the things we were talking about
last time... well there was no mention of one... it just
sounded like he was single. But who knows, waah. Fucking
hell, Valentines' Day not too long after 2nd semester
starts. Its on a Thursday, so I won't be having Psych with
him that day, but I'll see him at the meeting. I needa
find out if he has a girl first, then I will proceed from
there. If he doesn't, and it seems like he's interested in
me, I'll ask him to be my Valentine. Well, we're having an
ISO day school on 1/12 and he'll be there, maybe, just
maybe, we can talk. I'm going to try making more eye
contact and smile at him. But I'll probably make a fool
out of myself and smile dorkily.