Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-28 01:48:00 (UTC)

Ahhh.....mucho tired and..

Ahhh.....mucho tired and sniffly. Last night after we got
off the phone with richie(hes really sick) we all realized
that we were suddenly really stuffed up, and we have been
ever since. Isn't that weird??lol But yah, I think tonight
I really need to catch up on some sleep. Zack wants me to
get online tonight tho....but he said to be on at 12!!! I
don't even think I will be alive then if I am awake! lol.
Today he told Liz that I was really confusing him.....uh
whatever cuz he's the confusing one. But then he just
called me, so I guess I'm not too confusing. lol. I don't
know, all I know is that I really want a good boyfriend.
Cuz yah, I just do. But I don't know who I like, which
makes me wonder, cuz yah its just weird. Well, the guy I
liked since last year now likes my sister and they r gunna
go out so thats screwed. lol. Oh well, I just need to find
someone who's nice and sweet and really tall! Cuz ya i'm
tall. lol. Well enough rambling for now. ttyl!

Love ya