Dreaming Of Everything
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2001-12-28 01:31:51 (UTC)

Try again, cuz the game is over...

Hey guys! Today I went shopping with some of my Christmas
money. I bought a Christmas present for my little cousin
Abby (on my mom's side) and something for my friend
Kristen. It was a buy 2 get one free deal at the Disney
Store, so I just did..and that was 14 bucks there. Later,
my mom and I went to a different mall because we were with
my brother and he wanted to see Harry Potter..so we went to
that mall and I went to Sam Goody, where 4 years before, I
had me No Authority with my friend Michelle (yeah, they
aren't too popular, but they were REALLY nice and I got a
lot of pics and autographs!!) and I bought some piano sheet
music, because I'm just learning to play. I'm not very
good, so I bought these books called "chart toppers for
teens, the hottest hits of your era in easy piano music" So
anyways, yeah I went shopping with my mom and my brother.
If anyone has a problem with that, take it outside and deal
with it because I don't wanna hear it. I'm downloading the
new Creed CD before I leave for Iowa. I'm starting a new
thing (because I'm cool like that). I'm puttin my opinions
out on here, just because I'm weird and I have no life.

Song of the moment-"A Girl Can Dream"-PYT
Album of the moment-No Name Face-Lifehouse
Movie of the moment-Pearl Harbor
Actor of the moment-Heath Ledger
Singer of the moment-J.C. Chasez
Person of the moment-You for reading this.

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