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2001-04-09 13:49:48 (UTC)

So To Speak

So To Speak

September 10, 1998

the average joe knows what life is all about
the average joe should also know
when people are lying and
what do lies really mean to you
and me and the otherwise
average guy. Go get ready

the little problems of the modern
world occupy their little brains

those average little problems
are more than a problem

they are more than a slew of problems

the underlying problem
is that the real problem is
ignoring those problems,
which is what everyone does

the average joe can only handle
problems he can hold in his grocery cart

there are too many problems
that are just getting worse
no one is around to save us from
what we caused

no one can tell that there is a problem
no one can solve the problems
and no one is willing to tackle them

maybe there is no solution

the current problem
is that no one can come up with
a single solution for a single problem