Feck what did life do to me today?
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2001-12-28 00:49:59 (UTC)

give me a kitten or give me death!!!

I'm getting a new fucking kitten man!!!!
I'm so fucking excited i'm gonna burst!!!!
and if i wasn't so stoned and didn't have smoke blowing in
my face i would describe more, but that's all i'm saying
for now about that.
wahooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! i'm getting a kitten!

i'm listening to the Merge on the computer while looking at
a picture taken of Max by Mike at the wedding thingy when
he was just a kitten!!!!! max....not mike of course.

I hope max gets along with him and i hope he always knows i
just love him best. he's my best boy. paul was saying
earlier that i would have a harder time leaving max than
paul" and you know something..... he's right.