Emotional Fluctuations
2001-12-28 00:38:00 (UTC)

So far so boring

My day began WAYYYYY 2 early. I woke up around 4:15 am. Ok,
J.T. woke me up around that time cause he was drunk and had
a semi-cute female over at his house (where I stayed the
night cause I had 2 work @ 6am). So I got up, showered,
went 2 work and went back 2 sleep. The day was pretty
uneventful except I gave Yesenia 2 poems that reminded me
of her. She is so gorgeous but flaky. I hate that. Oh,
well. Such is life I suppose. Anyway, Not much else
happened, went 2 Wal-Mart 2 get some stuff and I got it.
Finished my day at FucKinley and came back 2 J.T.'s and
since no1one was here got online and here I am. Well, If
something exciting happens b4 10 I'll let u know. Peace & B
Wild and Remember 2 tip ur wait-staff!