Randi Lynn

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2001-12-27 23:44:35 (UTC)


^_^ Well, Not that Exciting of a Day..Uhhhm. I was in my
PJ's all day, until i had to get ready to go to the Fitness
barn with my mom. My Step Father Bought us Both memberships
to it. Well, She let me Drive, and I did a good Job. But on
the way home, it was the first time ive driven in the dark.
It wasent all that hard, she was just being a pain in the
ass. Kepts on telling me that i can do something right when
im about to do it, like i dont know when or how to and
stuff. She made me drive 5 under. I mean, its NOT as if im
not gonna be Driving alone when i get my lisense!
Im going to my Friend Ericas this weekend, and We're gonna
get our computer fixed on Saturday. =) they're gonna make
it so we can Have Direct X 8!! kay. -.- BAI