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2001-04-09 13:48:19 (UTC)

Think of It

Think of It

September 4, 1998

What if you are told through life
your brain doesn't work

you can come up with your own ideas
but people told you your ideas were wrong
would you tire of telling people this

Think about the number of times you
are told your ideas are wrong

Think of it

What if you worked made something yourself
you made money at what you wanted to do
you lived on your own time and life was good
What if you had accomplished all that
and what if then you hear from
everyone that you must be mistaken
you are wrong

go see therapists
a number of times a week
you were wrong, they'll tell you
all that time you were wrong

If you worked all your life
created a philosophy, a meaning of life
something others liked and agreed with
you were called successful

create this, then less intelligent people
not using their own minds
took away your life bit by bit

because they drank all the time
because they didn't know any better
because they wanted beliefs around
that agreed with everyone else's beliefs
live and work
and beat everyone else and then have a bunch of mindless
people take your life away from you

go to a library and find that all of your books are gone
everyone managed to take away proof of your existence
that you were someone
who are you now
it's like you never lived
how would that feel

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