Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-27 23:34:05 (UTC)


Hey all. Well this has been a fun few days. Yesterday, Kara
came over and we wrapped our present to julianne(hehehe
sooo funny) and then we played my computer game for like 5
frickin hours but we couldnt win!!lol it was hilarious!
Then heather came over and ate pizza with us and then I
went over to her house to spend the night(kara couldnt
come :( ) but yah so jenna doglio came instead. It was
fun, we, well mainly me, talked to richie on the phone for
awhile, and he's coming down this weekend prolly to hang
out with us. fun fun fun. But then today I went to shopko
and got a sippy cup! yay i love those things!! And then we
all went to the brick oven and at so so so so sooooo much!!
i am so full its not even funny. lol. But yah, we were
gunna do something tonight, but im feelin kinda sick so I
think that we'll just wait til tomorrow night instead. :)
Oh ya, I guess me and zack are over, he hasn't responded at
all to my email, but he told me he read it. So yah, oh
well! I feel so freee!!!!

Love ya

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