2001-12-27 23:24:38 (UTC)

Creditors Suck

Well, I didn't get to go to VA today because Danny was
peeing blood all night and after going back and forth to
doctor offices, he went to the ER. I haven't heard from
him since like 2 but I hope he is ok. So I went to Jerry's
house, and everything was going ok until he got 2 more
bills. :O He's kinda tight on money right now considering
he doesn't have a job right now. So he tried to figure out
what he was going to do, when he decided to call his credit
card company to see if they would raise his limit up. It
all went downhill from there. The creditor said he had
outstanding credit, which is crazy because he is the type
to pay a bill as soon as he gets it, so he needed a copy of
his credit report. UGH We went to 2 banks, and then
finally got online, where he had to pay $10 that he does't
have to find out that he has a bill from some medical place
he has never been to. Talk about bad mood! The man cussed
in front of me like 4 times today, and Jerry NEVER cusses.
So now he has gone home to call his mom and try to find out
where this bill is from. He will be back later. So I am
just chilling until he comes back. I am out for now. Peace

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