Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-27 22:36:34 (UTC)

mall big

I am so overwhelmed were I live its so big and there is so
much traffic its nuts!!!!!!!!!!! I like being close to
stuff yet i dont get out of the house for very long and
thats not coo. My dad is sick and is so annoying hes like
a child and that is gettin old fast its like u big baby go
do it yourself im sick to u know im not your slave!!!!!!!

My sweetie My lil sis I miss u so very much!!! I hope
everything gets better with your parents! You have to
learn to let it go and ignore them like they do u trust me
i tune my parents out all of the time!!!!! Hey now you
gotta watch tellin lil bro stuff he worries to much for his
own good!!

Lil Bro,
I miss u boy!!!!!!!! Im so bored I have no one to go
shopping with and carry my stuff lol hence u everytime in
target cause I refused to go in there alone lol!!! So when
is the big Military Ball???????? I cant wait to come and
be your date we are gona have so much fun!! I cant wait to
go buy a fansy dress only thing is this aint coo cause now
u cant help me pick it out I will have to get a poliriod
and send picks lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already
know my hair is going to be half up and half down now for
the drees color should it be dark red dark blue light blue
light purple dark purple I wanna be the sexiest one there
aside from my Sis Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G: Babe write in your journal dont go back to paper tis not

Well im avioding being around my dad so and no one is on to
talk to so now what urg! Hm i will go put all my new stuff
up shopping kicks ass up here but is expensive!!


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