Baby Story
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2001-12-27 22:30:39 (UTC)

13 wks 2 days

Today was a lazy day. I stayed at Nelsons house last
night, came home this morning, and slept all day. I
managed to get in the bathtub and try out my new bubble
mat. Its amazing. After a 45 minute soaking session, I
felt like I had just had a full body massage. I would
definitly recommend this product to EVERYONE! Especially
us preggos! My friend Heather and I got a chance to chat
today. She is pregnant, about 4 weeks ahead of me, and
still fits in her pants... UGH! Its okay though, I do like
my growing belly. Now I am finally at work, waiting for it
to end, so that I can crawl back into bed. I think that I
need a vacation to recoup from my vacation hahaha.

You know, I was wondering today if the baby could feel or
hear all that vibration made from those bubbles in the
tub. I wonder how it reacted to it!? Haha.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season.
Happy New Years!

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