I'll be your stumbleine...
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2001-12-27 22:20:42 (UTC)

Well shit....

So Christmas has come and gone once again, tear. Seemed
sort of surreal this year. I've been home for about a week
now and already I miss the crazy college life I left
behind. Jersey's dad passed away, so I feel like I should
be with her. Ninette and Blaze are having problems
(suprise, suprise) and then there's Tim.

Ah Tim. I guess it was fun while it lasted. He was great
to mess around with. ;) Not my type, he wanted to be
pursued and I don't do that. If a guy wants me, he has to
put forth the effort right? My last night in Colorado I got
really drunk and did some things that I know I shouldn't
have. Don't remember much of it, but let's just say that I
think my "born again virgin" streak has been broken. Went
to planned parenthood and got the 72 hour pill, so I'm
fine. Always got to make sure. He told me to call him over
break, but like that's going to happen. Maybe I'm just
trying to push him away like everyone else. Probably, I'm
horrible at relationships.

New Years is coming up and my boys are planning a
wonderful drunken night of fun. Oh lord... help us all.
We're going drunk sledding at Alyeska sometime soon and i
hope we all don't die. Drunk ice skating with those fools
already gave me enough bruises to file for abuse! We'll
have to see how it all turns out. Hopefully better than
last New Years. And alas, no one I love to kiss at midnight.

My family is slowly but surely driving me insane. They
are so controling and anal retentive, while I, the black
sheep, am so laid back.

So school is looking better and better with each passing
day, even though I despartly need to get my gpa up (too
much fun last semester). Well, shit... guess I'm better at
being "social" than actually studying.


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