the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:47:22 (UTC)

Afraid of Telling The Truth

Afraid of Telling The Truth

November 23, 1998

do I think about him too much
or should I at all

who do I get my nightmares from?
are the problems from the nightmares
do they me that pain
or do my nightmares come from you

are you the one that gave me that pain
without trying

maybe you were trying
maybe you weren't

I can be afraid of telling the truth
if anyone that can handle it, can quote unquote
"handle it," well then, it would be me

it's irrelevant that I want you
and need you
and play along
because you should take all of my troubles away

I'll scare you away, I'll scare you away if I
tell you the truth

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