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2001-12-27 21:26:42 (UTC)

interesting thoughts

you know the saying; if a tree falls in the woods and
there's no one around to here it, does it make a sound?

that resembles a similar questio.... does god exist?

they are in fact the same question just worded
differently... it's weird actually, do you think that if
the word miracle didn't exist that people would believe in
god? or if god cured someone from their cold would anyone
say "god cured me of my cold"??
also... the more time i spend in church.. the more i hate
it... BUT.. i'm highly considered becoming catholic in the
future (10 years).... benedictine most likely.... i want to
get as close to the original religion celebrated 2000 years
ago as possible... i mean even my handle is represented of
my want for religion... caeles means god in latin... but
it's rarely used....
in psych class i learned that dreams are real events from
the previous day just extremely exaggerated (at least one
point of view believes that)... but for me.. my dreams are
very straight forward... i mean.. i dream about arguing
over which type of milk is better (homo or 1 percent), and
going to school.. writing a test for various classes and
getting a fairly good mark... my dreams are lame.. but
maybe.. that means my brain is just more evolved and can
make more sense of the stimuli that is sent to it??

also... i keep finding myself thinking more often now...
always thinking.. i hate reading.. i'd rather think... and
alot of it seems like important stuff... such as the god
tree theory... you know.. for the longest time i felt.. or
believed... no.. i KNOW i'm a genius... and finally..
someone said i was... my psych teacher... who's also a
counsellor.. said i was a genius... it was weird... knowing
your a genius is one thing.. but having someone else say to
you.. "i believe you really are a genius" is another... i
mean my marks. they don't reflect genius status... my
attitude.. that either... but i know i am..

you know.... the computer age.. or technological age that
society is in right now... it's really weird.. did you know
that in star trek they never fought in 3d?? or in star
wars.... there was no direction for the z axis... only one
time have i seen 3d fighting and that was in one of the
star trek movies when one ship come down upon another from
above and shoots it.. i think it was a warbird and the old
enterprise... they never give people the option.. OHHH we
have to head right into them.. you can never go around...
because... you know... i guess it would make the show less
interesting.. although... alot of the fighting is shown as
they were fighting in 3d.. take for instance.... the first
star wars movie.. the only way to destroy the death star is
shoot the things down the vent shaft... so.. instead of you
know.. flying straight at it... and shooting then vearing
off... you have to charge straight down that little
corridor thing and shoot.. making it much more difficult...

anyway... backt o the original thing... computers are
totally misunderstood.. they are here so we can do more
things at once.. to make life easier... communication and
everything... but instead we decide to live off them...
that's not what they are for... i was told computers
promote sloth.... they don't.. they were made to promote
activity.... more free time... to do other things... but
the conception society gives it is laziness... like for
instance... if your reading an online document it's
considered being lazy and spending to much time on the
computer... but if that same document was on paper.. and
you sat and read it.. it would be worthwhile... computers
were made to make a machine of the human brain... they
attempt parralel processing... but people.. us.. I... use
them for other things.. and being on them is a waste of

you know what i hate.. is all those people who say video
games are a waste of time.. now i must agree to some
extent... that it is.... but some games.. rpg's for
example... are like interactive novels... they have a plot,
a theme, a conclusion, an introduction, characters,
character development, plot development, a climax... it has
all the elements... it's just considered a waste of time
because you have to push buttons to do it.. frankly.. i'd
rather spend 40 hours playing a game... then 10 hours
reading a novel telling the same story as the game...

you know.. the brain is another organ.. just like your
heart, lungs, all that stuff.... but if you say someone is
athletic... or very fit.. it's no big deal.. but if someone
is a genius.. that's a big deal.. i mean who do you think
would be more highly regarded a person with an iq of 200 or
the someone who's relexes are so fast it's like there was
no concious thought of their action... the world is
prejudiced in the way of intelligence.... it is no longer
the strong who rule the world as it once was.. it is the
intelligent... those who are intelligent to make the things
that give us power rule.... it's no longer... my dad can
beat up your dad... but.... my invention is better than
your invention...