If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2001-12-27 21:22:43 (UTC)

It Was A White Christmas After All...

Well On the trip there, Mom and Me almost froze to
death...Just our luck....The heater had gone out totally on
the here mom and me are just wrapped up in like
three or four blankets trying to get there...we had to turn
the "heater" (felt like the air conditioner) on to defrost
the windows so that made it even more colder...I had to
crack the window everytime I went to smoke a cigarette and
it just got more colder there's definately a
reason to quit smoking...It felt like we were practically
walking to Illinois just without the snow hitting our
faces... we stopped at a rest stop somewhere along the way
and this like old lady was all trying to show us a shorter
way to get there so we listened and we hit the road
again...well turns out it wasn't shorter it was the same so
we didn't really lose any time or shorten any...When we got
there it was all better...I ran into my My Aunt Terri's
house and plopped right on the couch...I hadn't slept that
whole night or the whole trip there (those of you who were
up with me talking to me on AOL just to let you know I
almost hit my head on the keyboard from almost falling
asleep...I woke up to the keyboard key Y in front of me) it
was just too cold to sleep so then I was still awake but
just resting trying to get warm...Ten minutes later my mom
says "come on Danielle we have to get the stuff out the
car" and I'm like NOOOOOOO!! not the dreaded cold
again...But i got off my butt and helped...My Aunt and
Uncle were just about done with Christmas dinner and we
were just waiting for the rest of the family to get there
so we all could eat...My Uncle Lee and his WIFE Susan were
there...(I didn't even know he got married) My Uncle Lazy I
mean Jerry was there with his Witch I mean Wife as
well...And then My cousin Chelsie who by the way was so
wrapped up in her boyfriend and spent all her money on her
boyfriend that she bought everyone those chocolates you can
buy at the Dollar store for Christmas...Oh well that was
her choice...She ate then she up and left...My Uncle
Curtis's mom and his sister were there as well...It was
nice...After everyone left my cousin "The Devil Child" also
known as Danisha went walking since it's been about a year
since I have done anything with her and ever since my
grandma passed away I've always kinda felt for her. Well
we were walking and these two old Mexicans drive by and
they're all whistling and shit and it was really annoying
so we just didn't look at them or anything after that...We
walked all the way up the street almost to her
school...she's 13...just to go to the gas station and take
a piss...then we walked all the way back and these other
two old mexicans were like follwing us...they pulled right
up next to us and were just driving next to us saying shit
like Hi and some shit in Spanish and whistling and we
didn't say anything and then finally I picked up a stick
and I said" Can you just go please ya know drive away go
good bye We're not gonna talk to you and if you don't drive
off I'mg onna hit you with this stick" and so they drove
off but they drove around the block and were like following
us and then finally they went away right before we got to
her block to go to her house...So we got back to the house
and I was totally exhausted since I hadn't slept the night
before so around like 7, 7:30 I passed out right on the
couch...I woke up at about 1:30 a.m. and had to go pee but
I didn't know how to open the back door to get to the
bathroom and since it was dark and everyone was sleeping I
wasn't gonna turn on any lights so I went and woke my mom
up after about twenty minutes of messing with the door and
she showed me where the lock was so then I smoked a
cigarette and layed back down well then like 15 minutes
later I got hungry so I got back up and ate a piece of
carrot cake but once again I couldn't turn any lights on so
I pulled a chair from the dining room table and propped the
refridgerator open for the light and got my piece of
cake..well then it was too cold with the fridge open so I
shut it and ate my carrot cake in the dark...well then I'm
sitting on the couch and i keep thinking I'm dropping
pieces of cake because I keep feeling like like drops on my
blanket well it turned out to be the cat creeping up on me
trying to get some cake and he about scared me half to
death cuz he touched my arm his whiskers
(reminding you its dark) and i thought it was a spider so I
got up and i sat in the kitchen for about another half an
hour and finally said screw it im going back to bed...I got
up in the morning and got ready to go to my HARMONICA
playing Motorcylce driving Uncle Lester and Aunt Lois's
house and I had a ball...Got to eat some Angelfood cake
that she made...and you could just tell it was
homemade...Drank diet root beer for the first time was kinda good but it tasted like flat
soda...Then my uncle wasn't there when we got there so we
waited and when she showed up I was buggin him to play his
harmonica but we had to go so I didn't get to hear him play
but he promised me next time He would...Then we went to my
Uncle Jerrys to get my stuff and I had four boxes I piled
into the car...Almost covered my cousin up with stuff...I
loaded the trunk and the back seat with all my stuff he had
in his garage from Vegas...We ate there but my Uncle was
getting mad that we were eating all the meat...guess he was
hungry but so were we...anyways so he somewhat fixed my
moms heater and we left back on our way to Cobden...We
stopped at my Aunties work and I saw an IMPORT RACER
magazine I just about died...They had my exact model 91
Honda Civic in there with the Body Kit and it was just all
souped up...I about creamed in my pants if you know what I
mean...It was Orange and Baby was basically
everything my car is gonna be when I get my Honda and I was
gonna tear that picture out and blow it up it was just so
beautiful you don't even know...I couldn't tear it out so I
had to leave it but my mom promised she would look for it
at her work since she gets a discount on that stuff...So we
left there and went to My Uncle Lee's and Aunt
Susan's...had to check out her new pool table...All real
Oak and had A blue center instead of the usual green...It
was nice so we watched a movie there, Unbreakable with
Bruce Willis, and ate all his food and then left back to
Cobden...Got to Cobden promised my cousin I would stay up
with her since I didn't yesterday...Made some beads and
made some bracelets...its sucked but hey she had fun...Woke
up this morning with a cat on my head...Got up packed
loaded the car said bye to everyone and hit the road now
here I am writing this for all you to read and me to
Got an email from my sister today just a little
note. Also got an email from an old friend of mine I love
to death...Jack who by the way is gorgeous... Love ya
Jack...Got an email from a Rehab center here In Indiana
godd stuff man might check it out...
Thats all for now