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2001-04-09 13:46:45 (UTC)

Crazy Women Talking: This Much I've Learned

Crazy Women Talking: This Much I've Learned

November 24, 1998

I'm beginning to think
the guy-side of me is supposed to make all the decisions,
know what is right and what isn't

People look at men
differently than they do women
this much I've learned

So maybe if I told you what went through my head
and I said it like I was a guy,
maybe it wouldn't be so bad then
maybe you could handle the news then

Maybe I could tell you there's this girl I know
and she can't be strong all the time
and she doesn't know how to speak sometimes

I could tell you she needs attention
she needs to be helped
but the punch line:
she doesn't need it from just anyone
she needs that from you

Maybe she wants to cry
but she asks: who to anymore?
she has no one, but
she needs someone
she needs that someone to be you

I could say
some of this doesn't make sense
some of it just sounds like a crazy woman talking
but sometimes that's what women are

That's what I would
as a man
have to ask you

I'd have to ask,
Isn't it worth it sometimes?

after I get all of this out,
I could stop acting like a guy
and just be a girl

you would listen
and you would know what to do for me
and maybe then you could
be the guy and take control
and make a decision
so that I don't have to make all the decisions
because I'm not a guy, and I want
you to be the guy, and
I want you to make some decisions too

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