2001-12-27 20:28:52 (UTC)

I got it bad ???

Hey all, whats up? not a whole lot here, just chillin,
watching tv and listening to music.....

If any of you out there have heard the song "You got it
bad" by Usher, then you know exactly how i feel about this
girl, she probably doesnt know it anymore, but i care soo
much about her, its crazy.....

I got it bad..
"when u say that you love em and you really know,
everything that used to matter doesnt matter at all, all my
money all my cars, you can have it"
If u know what im feeling turn to your mate and say I'm
your man, your my girl, i'm gonna tell the whole wide world"

Well send in a response if u know how i feel, or think you
do, or just wanna chat. lyl im out
love ya