the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:46:16 (UTC)

Frisbee By The Lake

Frisbee By The Lake

November 28, 1998

they're playing with a frisbee by Lake Michigan
this is new to them
the frisbee wobbles when it goes through the air

oh wait, it's not a frisbee,
it's an "ultimate disk"
those differences matter to some

I can hear the cars on the expressway
when you live here, you don't think about the cars
they're just a background noise

they now sound like a symphony, and it's music to my ears
there are now things that I don't hate all the time
I have had to learn to hate less

Maybe I can practice at frisbee
I know, I know, it's an ultimate disk, not a frisbee

maybe the Water Tower ain't so bad after all
and Navy Pier, I can deal with that too
Give it time
And maybe