2001-12-27 20:08:13 (UTC)

it's over now ...it's over...it's over now move over...keke

welpz, xmas ish over now...umz, it wasn't so special dis
year...specially since i neva got to go snowboarding...wahhh!
no fair!! welpz anywayz~ maybe next year..sighz..
OMG i'm so stressin again....i dun wanna go to ....ahem that
place/meeting/thingy mah jiggy tomorrow..(friday) ugh! i kno
i'm gonna be soooo bored and so...umz, not up for it. i dun
wanna gooooooooooo buh mah rents are makin me
go...chamna! yurl bah dah!! anywayz~i knoz i'm trippin out
again, buh i hafta, i knoz im gonna regret goin.
anywayzzzzzzzz buhbyez *one lub* paysh!

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