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2001-12-27 20:00:52 (UTC)

My Thoughts About Resolutions

***I wrote this last year and posted it on my webpage. I
stumbled upon it as I was working on my page, and I thought
it would be good to post here. It inspired me, and I'm the
one who wrote it!***

Well, it's that time again... Christmas is over. All of the
presents that we've anticipated opening are thrown into our
rooms and it's starting to feel like we've had them
forever. Christmas lights are still half up, everything in
the mall (what's left of it, at least) is marked down, and
you're still hearing Christmas songs in every public place
you enter. These are all sure signs of one thing- It's
almost New Year's Eve.

Of course, with New Year's comes the inevitable-
resolutions. As always, I'm not immune to this sad little
tradition. Last year, I had a list a mile long of changes I
was going to make. Most of them stayed with me for about 2
or 3 weeks. Out of all of them, I only managed to keep one
of them all year.

Ok, I know what you're thinking. This just proves how
stupid New Year's resolutions are. And I guess you would
be right, but if you really think about it, you'll see that
maybe they aren't so pathetic. You know how they always say
that you're first step in overcoming something is to admit
it's a problem? No, I'm not saying that you have to admit
that you are an alcoholic, but as corny as it is, it's
true! You don't really think to improve something about
yourself until you really acknowledge that it needs some
improvement. So what if it only sticks with you a few
weeks? Those weeks were a start. And maybe once you get
into the habit of making that change, it will stay with

I find it really rewarding to know that I kept just that
one resolution all year. It wasn't a huge change in my
life, but it was one that was necessary. Can you imagine
how much better your life would be like in the long run if
you made just one good resolution every year and kept it?

Of course, New Year's is supposedly a time for a new
beginning, which is why everyone makes resolutions now, but
every day is a new beginning. So, you wake up in a few
weeks and realize that all of your resolutions have pretty
much been flushed down the drain... so what? Then make a new
resolution to start that day off right. If you can't even
make it the whole day, make it for that morning. Don't
overwhelm yourself with lots of unrealistic promises that
you'll never be able to keep. Keep it simple and doable.
Also, remember that your resolutions need to be based on
yourself, because, let's face it, other people are going to
screw up too. Don't let that ruin your own resolutions. I
heard someone say once that goals are things that you want to
do that depend only upon yourself. If someone else has to
do something in order for you to accomplish something, it's
a desire.

Keep these things in mind, and this year, you might just find
yourself keeping those resolutions.