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2001-12-27 18:52:15 (UTC)

Boys...Boys..Boys, lol

okay, so I think I like this guy. But the problem is , I
think, he still likes one of my close buddies. I mean, I
haven't actually liked liked someone in a long time. I've
had little crushes. Stupid crushes actually. I mean, and I
just relized that it seems like every guy that has shown
some little bity sign of liking me I've done SOMETHING to
completely mess it up. Like the guy I like now, he told me
that he kind of liked me, and I had NO idea what to say
back, so of course I was an idiot and said I might kind of
like him too. so yeah, I'm officially an idiot. and he
called last night, and like we talked for a couple hours,
but it was werid becuase I was sooo dead tired. and we had
like nothing to talk about. But I like him, I want him to
ask me out, I dunno why though. lol. I just don't wanna
mess this up. But like I dunno, it's ...him, and he likes
like 600 girls. and I just think he'll never ask me out b/c
I'm me, and he's him, and we just don't mix, I don't think.
I dunno, this is all confusing. lol, but we're all goign to
go to the movies on Friday (hopefully) and maybe if I look
my best he'll ask me out, cross your fingers, and then the
next day (on Saturday..or maybe Sunday) I'm going to go to
Oklahoma to see my best buds. and I'm glad, I need some
time away to be happy again. lol. yeah that's right, I'm
not perfectly happy like I usually am, blugh! I dunno why!
I'm just not. but yeah, anyways, I'm gonna go now. Bubye!

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