lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-12-27 18:33:41 (UTC)

the latest random dream

ohh man this one was weird. haha don't take offense if you
weren't IN THE DREAM cuz oh my gosh it was just a dream.
but it's long.

at the beginning, everyone was at church and we were
getting ready to leave for hume. wes waugh came over to me
and started telling me that steven rowe really liked me and
that he was going to ask me out sometime at hume. okaaay.
so i got onto the bus (which was the same) but i sat next
to phil and we talked about food.

and then we stopped off at this liquor store place and
everyone went to the bathroom- like paul required each one
of us to go one-by-one. hmm. and then he said, "well i
think we're gonna spend a little rest time here to think
ahead about what hume will be like this year!" so we
started talking about it, but all i was doing was talking
to myself about what i was going to say to steven. it was
reeeeally weird. so i sat there trying to figure it out,
and ryan came over and started playing with my hair and
giving me advice about how to go out with steven for a few
days and then dump him gently...

then paul said, "we're gonna take a little break on this
lake right here" and a lake magically appeared and we all
jumped in. and i sat there with kari for like 5 minutes
cuz we were looking for anna, and she was late so kari
started getting mad. she started making fun of me and
finally she yelled, "i hope you're happy! the henrys are
here now!!" but marisa wasn't there, only the little

so i started talking to anna while paul was giving us some
big speech while we were all sitting in the water. and
then these moving things came up and we basically all had
to grab on in a line, and they fit 8 people each. and on
ours, meg was in front, then mal, then britt, then kari,
then steven, then anna, then me, and then joe. and right
as we grabbed on, paul said, "these are your teams for the
rest of the day" but we had no idea what was going on. and
all of a sudden these waves started coming at us and we
were all freaked but they never knocked us over or
anything. we just went straight through these 40-foot

but i started having like an asthma moment like i sometimes
do, and the only person close enough to talk to was joe.
but he was just sitting there staring at me while i had an
asthma attack. and finally, after like 5 minutes, we got
out of the stupid lake and went inside a restaurant and
paul said, "well it's time to say goodbye to bobby" so
bobby waved and left...umm right.

and then i started telling anna how i'd had another asthma
attack and she was saying how sorry she was that she hadn't
heard me. but she handed me this inhaler and got me
something to drink and was being really nice. and all of a
sudden joe goes, "well i thought you were having an asthma
attack. i just didn't want to say anything in case it
would embarrass you." and anna started beating him with the
inhaler and he said, "well i hope you feel better. i have
to go get some gas in the car..."

riiiiight. what in the heck does THAT mean?

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