ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
2001-12-27 17:55:32 (UTC)

AnD thErE wilL BE, SOrroW.....

Hey, srry i havent written in a while. ive been really
busy. i had the best X-Mas this year! i got a cell phone
(Nokia), a buncha gift certificates, lota $$$, and a buncha
little things. i already spent my gift certificate to Hot
Topic (bought a really cool red AFI hoodie) and my cert. to
Charlette Russe (normally dont really shop there, but got 3
really cute shirts). i was going to get these really
cool/cute Converse at Journeys, but i guess they sold
out... sucked. now i have like $130 and i dont know what to
spend it on!(sad) but anywhos, its cool because Mel and
Brian came out last Saturday for Christmas and they're
leaving on Friday (tomorrow). i hung out with Brian this
like whole week. we went to a basketball game on Sat(Sun's
v.s. Trailblazers) and of course Sun's won (yay), that's
us. It was cool, cuz like on X-Mas eve, me and Brian went
to The District(this new shopping mall thing in Scotsdale)
and we just decided to go and visit Papa's grave. we found
it right away too. it was weird, i havent been there since
i was like 5 or somethin. then we went to Grandma's (and i
must say, her cemetery is a lot nicer but scarier cuz its
surrounded by all these trees and its like a forest) and it
was kinda weird, but nice. We looked at all the tombstones
and it seems kinda like a ghetto/gangsta cemetery. all the
boys buried there DIED at a YOUNG age, and their families
put beer bottles and a buncha crap on their graves!(GHETTO)
but o-well. what can i say, we were right by Van Buren
(ghetto city) hey! Paulina's from there! so ya.

I went to Zia's with Bri a couple days ago and
now they sell boot-legs! i would have never imagined. i
almost bought a Deftones boot-leg but i got a poster of At
The Drive In instead. There is this show tonight at some
place downtown and its gonna be Jim Adkins (from Jimmy eat
world) and i think the bass player from GO Big Casino and
this girl my bro likes a lot singin so were probably gonna
go to that. i think it starts at 9??? .... dunno. Right now
we have a DVD player downstairs with Surround Sound! (so
cool). Bri hooked it up last night and we had to test it
out so Mel put the new Bad Religion cd in it(im happy to
say that i downloaded it before it is comming out, which is
next year :)...)and so she played Sorrow about a million
times, and as much as i love that song, i cant stand to
hear it that much.
im so sad cuz Kat called me last
night while i was at Abuelo's (new Mexican restaraunt that
looks like Vegas inside) and i didnt get to talk to her. NO
Well today im probably going to go to Pose with Kristy and
Mel and were gonna get our pictures done (how cute, us
sisters...) so ya, well gotsta go get ready (even though
its only 10:48 a.m.!!!) i got up so flippen early... well

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