tom weaver

never wake up
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2001-12-27 17:42:38 (UTC)


before the show, i was with kendra and we had some fun
watching a move (forget which one, i really was not paying
attention) and then i proved a few myths that my lunch
table had put in my head wrong. i wont go into details,
after all, who knows who is reading this thing. =] anyway,
on to the show....


the CONVERGE show... out of control. thats all i have to
say. simpson, kendra and i arrived at around 6:00 or so,
just in time for Poison the Well. I was not to familiar
with them, but i thought they played a good set. their last
song was "Nerdy," a pretty good toon that kendra said they
had dedicated to me. (har har har). but anyway, kendra
liked them, and enjoyed their set, so it looks like
hardcore will be something kendra may enjoy. the next two
bands were sworn enemy and then shadows fall. i thought
sworn enemy was pretty annoying, and shadows fall was good.
simpson like them the best...

and then came converge...

as always, jacob comes out and says his usual shit, "hey
everyone, we're converge from boston. thanks for coming
out, lets have a fucking great time. this song is
called "the saddest day." and thats were the place
exploded. the pit was great, the sing along was great,
jacob was nuts, and the whole place was on fire. i jumped
in the pit for a bit, but then i decided to join the pile
up instead. the next song they played was forsaken i
believe, followed by locust reign and another song off of
the poacher diaries (this is mine i think), followed by two
songs off of jane doe, followed by color be blood red, two
songs (i forget which ones, but they are off of
petitioning) and the last song they played was conduit.
amazing sing along for conduit, the whole crowd seemed to
be screaming "this time as one." the set was around 35
minutes... not the best set i have seen by them, but it was
still amazing. they are a constant "10" in my opinion. its
just the people before and after that make the total show
good or bad... converge is a constant.

after the show i drove home with kendra and simpson. we had
some burger king, and once again, i speak before i think
and piss off kendra. i hate it when i do that. i hate it
sooo much. i mean, i never "feel" when i insult someone,
but if i insult kendra the slightest bit, im close to
tears. i love her so much and it infuriates me to see her
sad... and when its caused by me, i feel lower than i have
ever felt... but we got over it and smiled and hugged and
everything felt better.

when i drove simpson home, we listend to "big pimping" by
Jay-Z and saw 5 deer in the middle of the street. thats the
kind of junk which only happens with simpson around...
anyone else and it would have been a cat, but with simpson,
its always odd. so we chased the deer while inside the car
(just in case they were those sick crazy deer that eat
babys). that was by day. this is my life. Zao is on friday,
then throwdown and unearth, and then unearth all by
themselves in the elks club.

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