thouhgts of Sam
2001-12-27 17:04:15 (UTC)


Sorry about the title I dont have one cause this is gonna
be just random rambling. Ok so here goes, I just got back
from getting my titles for the car. And of course the
state of texas just raped us. We had to pay sales tax for
a car that I bought. What kind of shit is that? I mean I
already bought the car and then the state has it's hand out
I already have to pay for inspection and tag renewal and
all kinds of other shit. I mean what the hell. I was like
$470.18, that's too much money for some shit that shouldnt
even really be happing. Not only that but guess what now,
I have to get new brake pad, what the shit is that? As
soon as my family gets into financial trouble everyone
seems to want money. It is so annoying I dont know how we
can handle this. My parents need job's and I dont have any
money for me. I can barley make car payments and have
enough money for me let alone be able to help my family. I
am starting to get scared, my mom is trying so hard. It is
beginning to feel like it used to, when it was only mom
josh and I. I'm afraid that we wont have enough money to
eat. This sucks. And on top of that all I can think about
is Joselin, but she is many many many miles away from me.
I dont know what is happening I miss her so much and I feel
lost. AHHH the stress of it all.

Q.)What to do?
What can I do?

A.)I dont know

Oh well I'm done for now maybe the day will get better I
sure hope so.