my so wicked life
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2001-12-27 14:28:02 (UTC)

O people 0 me: typically me

dear diary
i just being to learn by mother that tonight i will go to
the cinema with my sist and her boyfriend today was the day
where i was suppose to show my boyfriend to my sist' and to
size the occasion to go to the cinema to present him
but thing are for 2 day he doesn't call me he promessed he
gonna call me but im waitting all entire day yesterday
nothing and today too i know he is with his father
somewhere and he prefer to call me so i wait and i feel
stupid to wait
so where are u boyfriend??? heumm fuck it i should be
lonely tonight to catch the candle for marie and her guy
haha well movie we are gonna to see: HARRY POTTER orTHE
LORD OF RING so common but yep that can be funny
im feel so lonely as if i get no friend like 0 people
throught the world who think to me who need to get fun with
me to share thing quiet lonely....
i said to me several thing:
ok so it doesn't serv to do something coze nobody care
about it so so much spending all time to sleep
and hard thought like that
i feel so lonely and yep now i being to think that evrytime
i had a mates he becomes my enemy
im piss off how to be cool how to get a friend and then i
to keep them?? are there somoene here ready to say me how
to do to have friend
its like well so much to kill me but why sometime i say me
to stay in life just to ennoyed poeople but its hard
a promess not to kill me that year not to go to hospital to
any wrong reason and try to be happy can i ??
well i have to call the africa hair styler to know the
prize of the dreadlock i plan to do that if it isn't not
expensive and yep tomorow i gonna be blond i gonna get my
contact so maybe i should be better with myself after that
iwill see ... but i can't go out tonight with my awfull
fuck it and so i gonna probably let a message to my guy on
his mobile phone im piss off to wait that make me
depressed... well if someone read my diary please that
should be nice let me a message to about friend hei i
should be grateful about you
bye for now

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