the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:44:15 (UTC)

Maybe You Can

Maybe You Can

November 14, 1998


and there was so much that I wanted to live
and there was more that I wanted to live with you
I've been angry, hurt, confused
I've even been smart, smarter than people like to admit
I've wanted someone to take charge of life
even though I am strong, even though my head is on my
we women could use that help every once in a wile

I feel like I've lived a hard enough life, in some
respects, and I think it's my turn to enjoy life
for once, why can't that happen for me?


I've gotten good over the years at being a good
liar when I have to be. And no one has to know
when I'm telling the truth.


It's good to know you were worried about me
at least I had that effect on you, at least
I still have power
but I know you're still with her and I know you've
been with other women and I know that you
probably haven't thought about me

I'm sure you weren't planning to save money and
get a job and well, support me for the rest of
our lives
I didn't expect that of you and you know,
I didn't expect that of anyone, for that matter

no, I haven't expected any answers, even,
I haven't expected that for years.
But now I want a change
I want someone to know that
I want someone to do something about it
and I don't think that will come from yo

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