my so wicked life
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2001-12-27 10:52:34 (UTC)

ALL FAT/ I would be good

lose 2 pound
breakfast: nothing

here and go
whenever im being to listen "britney spear" shame on me
on my computer the boyfriend of my little sis't was just
came and the phone was ringing of course still for my
sister.... well im a bit of jealous coze all my sis't can
invite their boyfriend at home and i don't say again i get
a boyfriend... after what happen with my ex wicked algerian
boyfriend its better i don't show my boyfriend again hehe
and more he is INDIAN (why iam not able to have right
boyfriend like my sist'?? but he is nice and so whatever
thing can think the other i don't care i love him and its
well about the tittle i chose well meaning is they are all
fat i mean my mother my father and evenmy old sister...
she was came out from her room on the corner of the door to
say me something and well she just wore a tshirt with under
pants like all pyjama and i see her legg so fat!! awfull i
was thinking to me oh my god don't want to be like her!!!
and well even my father say she get a big ass haha...
anyway i didn't eat nothing at breakfast and when i was
noticed i was wearing the same closer than my fath old
mother awfull oh my godness i wear the same clother than my
mum whenever im 19 year old??? fuck its not amazing if i
can't find my own personality after 19 year spending on
that sick sad world inside my so little pathetic and
wicked life heum lonely thing i know from me is i hate
myself evrybody hate me and iam anorexia that all....
well i was obliged to go out in my awfull little village to
look for bread (thing so typically french i think) so i
brought at least the greeting card to the post office its
gonna arrived in late to my friend but i don't care the
most important are they get it....
well i get some debt to my sister about christmas for the
present like something like around 9$ for 4 perosnn so in
fact i must give her around 36 or little less...so i gonna
still be poor.....
well benjamin the boyfriend of my sister was offered me a
roses coze my birthday is in january it is a little bit in
advance but i don't care it is nice from him
i have to go listen now alanis morissette if i would be
good i can wacth the video whenever im being to write its
cool i like this song i find myself in the lyric
if i would be good
mayeb i should't spend my time to waste all thing i get...
bye for now