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2001-12-27 07:40:30 (UTC)


So christmas was good. I got one of those huge pillows,
those ones that are bigger than you. I love those, I used
to have one.
I went over to see Josh and then he wasn't there, arrgh. I
was set to be all annoyed, it was christmas night and he
hadn't called me, but of course when I get home there's a
message from him so I go all the way BACK over there.
It was sweet though. He gave me an amber necklace and a
matching bracelet in a box that he had drawn all these
beautiful patterns on. It was wrapped up like checkers in
copper wire and blue thread, with a fresh flower in the
middle. I didn't want to cut them and open it, even, it
looked so nice.
I don't even know why he likes me so much. I'm not that
pretty at all and he's so goodlooking. I'm sure fate is all
set to play some cruel joke on me. It's going well though.
I think he likes me more than I like him, although I do
like him a lot. He's always apologizing "for being so
sappy", but I don't mind and I try to let him know that.
I've never met someone who craves affection so much, he's
like a little boy in that respect. It's cute. It's nice
because he's so attentive and loving while still being very
masculine. I think that combination is rare.
He called me tonight and left a message on the answering
machine, I didn't hear the phone ring. I'm not going to go
over there though, I'm kinda stoned and my complexion is
still giving me attitude and we spent the whole night
together anyhow. I do wish I had made friends since I moved
here though. It would be really nice to have a girlfriend
to hang out with. I miss being around girls, they're fun.

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