just a normal life
2001-12-27 07:15:39 (UTC)


Hey! I know just started this thing like a couple weeks ago
and only wrote in it like twice! sorry! but newayz i'ma
really try to write more now but ummm I'm at my friend Ju's
house right now! yea we just chillin! Well actually she's
writing mean things about me in spanish! wat a nerd! lol
dl! ok but newayz i think im in need of a guy now! that
would make my life a lil more exciting!!! Yea and just a
lil while ago i we got in a fight wit one of our friends
cuz well i won't go into details cuz its ova now but i'm
glad we got it all worked out kel! Ok someone who reads
this i really want u to like leave me one of those lil
message thingys! yay! i could make a new friend! ok soo
lets see i think for new years i'm goin to my friend lauras
house and then to kels house so yay! that will be fun ok
but i gtg now so Godbless!!! Bye