lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-27 07:15:27 (UTC)

spring cleaning!!

i deleted some entries that were just useless...and then i
realized i might as well delete this whole thing...hehe but
then i decided against it sooo here we are.

today i attempted to dye my hair again...twice, actually.
i dyed it brown again...err i mean natural medium neutral
brown, which is overkill on the empty words, if you ask
me. and then i dyed over it in streaks of dark reddish
brown, which ended up turning bright red ONLY on my roots,
while the rest is barely tinted. oh well. my dad & bro
didn't even notice it when i came home so it must not be
THAT bad.

umm what else?? i went shopping for a long while & bought
nothing but don't get me started about that stupid wet seal
ordeal. grr. but i have gc's for val surf, revolution,
and target, so i gotta get my booty out to those
stores...conveniently nowhere near one another, i might add.

today meghan informed me that it's only a "sweet sixteen"
if you've never been kissed. i knew there was some reason
for this...hehe wah ah ah!!

winter formal is coming up...we tried on dresses tonight &
it really made me want to go. but what am i thinking?!
winter formal?! me?! ahh i'm insane.

and then i realized a potential attend a dance,
one must find...


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