Authority to Pass
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2001-12-27 07:08:07 (UTC)

cant find the rymn for

All wrong to gone way long more strong boiling beads of
havok discriminate, rejovinate a new begining new journey
new adventur same dark place....same people with the same
song for so long same dark place apple core fertilize
recoundt the score to find a door curious window you don't
want more find the sheet written the who knows what now you
may soar above all this throughn through byn bye we get my
friendly sighs no more crys tears come by rain teach a
strain to beat again behold the pain whats mine to gain
forget the rest you know the best now reach the point to
process words to win or loose high or low weve never wanted
more not now I've got mine came and gone same song of long
slow again here I go there can't be no spring when spring
has sprung were's the snow melting as it does let it melt
and the earth it has felt grow to be free grow to see me
this is me I'm me if it wasn't none would see none would be
none for nothing to see one to be one

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