Authority to Pass
2001-12-27 06:59:34 (UTC)

Friend I miss you!

There's a song I want to hear its so good, I'll have to go
out and buy it, It reminds me of someone....Friends are so
hard to keep I'm thinking that people are so simplified in
their own life they don't understand or are scared to admit
that most sincerety has vanished people are so stuck up in
their ways and how they think they get too confused in some
subtle ways or attitudes and I run into a wall of rejection
from it. I feel stupid because I keep thinking about
someone I shouldn't write because you could be getting to
know and care about another I could sway some balance of
trust and ruin more situations in your life and I really
hope I don't get in the way anymore... I get into that
alot, I try to fight it but it seems things won't go back
to the way they were befor all the sudden changes took
place but thats just a cop out a childish wish. If I could
think Like you or just hear some of the good things that
you say. Boy do I want to get a car and come after you then
just spend a day together and here your voice telling me
everything is the way it was suppose to be and I'm going to
make it.