Authority to Pass
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2001-12-27 06:52:21 (UTC)

If I had the answers

Things are getting strange again...I'm sure you know all
about that, I wish I could write you, but I would not like
to cause problems for I will punish myself rather
than punish you with petty feelings! Sometimes I just want
to get away from everything I know start over find all the
things that run to the back of my mind, get a job meet new
people and foundations go shopping do all those other girly
things all people should do! I feel so tied down but
nothings holding me its like a fight between both sides
that wont give up I can't even began to see the tracks of
time that show the good things that are fun to do. That
holds me back from opportunites. I'v been so angry the
past however long I have been I know most people don't stay
happy long and there are times when you fall apart and you
strive to pick up the peices and you cant find reasons to
keep them together but someone will call and remind you or
a friend will cheer you, or your mom will stop by and feed
you ice cream, or your grandma will ask for help in her
garden and you have time to get away and fine a place in
your mind you can fall back to later and think good times.
I feel this large ignorant cloud of stupididy that comes
and goes but won't forgive because of choices that helped
me in the long run but I made a mess of.

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