Luke's Poetic Interview
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2001-12-27 06:35:54 (UTC)

they told me lies

So far he hasn't had too much to say,
But I'm almost certain that one of these days,
He'll open his mouth and it will all come out,
All of those things we were thinking about.
He knows the way, I know that he does,
When we ask him why, he won't say "just because,"
He knows the answers because he can see,
He's not caught in some democracy.
Yeah he'll teach us all, some marvelous day,
Everyone will be blown away.
But until that day, we can just keep on living,
Or killing, or making, or taking, or giving,
Or whatever it is that we do all day long,
And even though we know its all wrong,
We don't know the truth, we can't see the light,
So keep it up boys, we're doing alright.

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