Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-27 06:29:57 (UTC)

Day after x-mas

First Weds without a job. Yesterday was the first Tuesday.
I feel empty and young. I have a lot of free time. I
switched my whole schedule around to fit me. When i wanted
to drink and party and go to clubs. It feels good not to
have to go to work tomorrow but then again, I loved my job.
Too bad the pay sucked dick or else I would have fought for
my job. How can my boss sit there and tell me that she
wants me to stay and then fire me without having a
conversation with me about how I'm 'screwing everything
up'?? I didn't know I was doing a damn thing wrong. I
thought everybody liked me and by what Tara said the other
night, they all hate Di not me. Haha. Bite my left ass
cheek, cause your not good enough for the right one hehe.

I stink like smoke. I was at shampoo for a while tonight,
longer then I have been staying. I have no one to dance
with in the 80's room which isn't even an 80's room, it's
more like an 80 trying to be techno and disco crapolla
room. Its horrible. Lee's song got played though and it was
amazing.I have to say that I want to hear it everytime i go
to Shampoo now. I actually think I'm going to stop going.
There were a LOT of people there tonight. More then i've
ever seen but the music started to get slow after the
midnight mosh and the music in the 80's room wasnt my taste
i guess. I think I just miss jeff.

I'm not going to see him up there anymore. Even though I
know exactly how to get there and i guarantee that I wont
get lost next time i go. I'm not going anymore. I get all
sad and I only get to see him for like 5 minutes. I got a
really cute leather sorta skirt thats OMG. It was like 6
bucks too. But anyway. I get all sad and stuff like he says
stuff like I dont lock Liz's doors...which I think is all
cute but then he's like, cause she doesnt have those locks.
ARGH then he's telling me what he got her for xmas, I
should drive that up to him, what I got him I should drive
I mean. My gift is so much friggin cooler then hers hehe.
She but a lot of meaning into hers, She made him a calander
with picture of him and stuff. I think it's cute but my
present kicks monster ass. Hahahaha.

I'm tired.I was driving home from shampoo ALONE!! and I saw
this guy pulled over on the side of the road and he had a
huge 18 wheeler and he got out and he was wearing a full
green hospital looking suit with a painted white mask. It
kinda scared me. 1: It's cold as shit outside, 2: What the
hell was in his truck??

Weds sucked as usual. Like everyday. I wanna go back down
Jersey. Just to get out of pennsylvania. Even though I'm
coming back Sunday for a club. Argh Stupid me.

Oh yeah. I liked what songs they played in the mosh pit:
1: NIN, Cave in or whatever it's called
2: Drowning Pool, Something about bodies hitting the floor?
3: Fear Factory, I couldn't read the board
4: Static X, Push It
I must admit I did like the fear factory and NIN songs.

Goodnight Children