the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:42:03 (UTC)

Suspend My Beliefs

Suspend My Beliefs

November 14, 1998

I want someone to tell me
everything is okay
they are going to be there for me
they can take care of me
and love me
and they would know what love is

real love, lifetime love

just hearing someone say that all
and mean it
would be enough

I'd be able to suspend my beliefs for a moment

what should I make out of this world
that doesn't make sense
what should I make out of it

I can hope, I suppose
but this whole belief thing
in things you have no proof of
really doesn't get you anywhere

So what do I want
I want someone to let me not think for a while

someone to come along
excite me, make me feel alive

I've wanted you to be a part of my life
for so many years now
I've wanted it for so long, never telling you
maybe I wouldn't feel so lonely for you
and maybe I wouldn't want so much more from you