lola likes head

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2001-12-27 06:07:24 (UTC)

and more?

Looking back ont he entry I wrote yesterday got me
thinking. First of all,. I tend to write these entries
between talking to people or reading salon, so they're very
choppy and I find that I miss a lot of exploration of
things that I write. I'm going to try to write a cohesive
thing right now while I wait for him to read his email.

I was thinking about him a lot today, just because I had to get up at
7:00 this morning and was totally exhausted. I don't run well on
four hours of sleep. Funny, the things I could force myself to do in
high school. I felt like total shit today as well. MAybe it was
because I gotmy period or something, but I feel all heavy and tired
and pale. I've jsut been sitting around, playing the sims. That
game is such a waste of time, but I just get so bored that I figure I
may as well play with my dollhouse. I'm such a control freak when it
comes to what they do--I line up all of these tasks for them, in an
effort to mainatin and improve them. What healthy fake-people I am
The time is 1:10 AM. I'm exhausted. I almost fell asleep during
Lord of the Rings this evening. I feel liek I didn't really get to
enjoy it because I was so uncomfortable, shuffling around trying to
get settled, etc. He's finished the emails. I guess this entry is

There will be time tomorrow for revamping...