casey vespa

street knife fight
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2001-12-27 06:03:29 (UTC)

*so the stars fall from the sky...*

...ataris. Ataris? where has the time gone? i used to be
the ultimate ataris the only thing bringing me
back to them is a bad breakup. Its weird growing up. This
is ME? no. NO WAY! Sooo...apparently i did NOT want a
relationship. At least not with a weird punk guy who was
crazily obsessive and missed me just hours after seeing
me...the punk part was NOT the problem of course...that
was probably the only thing i was attracted to in the
first place. So now he's all sad and mopey and blah blah
BLAH. Get over it wimpy girl. It was only like a month.
AND my first boyfriend EVER! ew. EW!!!!!!! i cant believe
it now. im such an idiot. ::sigh:: and behind my back
everyone was wondering what the hell i was doing with him
and that i could do better...ooook. SOOOO why didnt they
SAYYYY something!?! Stupid PEOPLE! then i wouldve known it
wasnt just ME! ahhhhh. oh well. c;est la vie. awwww my cat
is all meowy and cuuuute. ok sorry bout that tangent...but
he isssss! so what did i do after i got my freedom from
this lame and tedious relationship? i talked to brian
online and asked if he wanted to hangout. annnnd...we did!
annnnd...we madeout for 2 hours! annnnnd...other stuff.
and i saw him saturday too. how fun is making out in a van
with a bed and 2 tvs??? totally rad. ha. so whats this
anyways? does this mean im in a relationship again? do i
want this? do i NOT want this?? man i just donnnnt
know. ::sigh:: all i know is i couldnt stand the thought
of another girl in that van with brian. his eyelashes are
just too cute especially when he tickles my cheek with
them, on accident even. how sweet. ok im all cutsied out
now. too much cuteness. well i best be off. i hope all of
you kids are doing well and drop me a line if ya wanna...:)

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