LilJDunk Double E

The thoughts of....Me.
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2001-12-27 05:41:33 (UTC)

Where is..

Yo....waddddup?!! Happy Holidays and all the goodies..
Uhm..past days where very is always good..and
friends are always there. Yeah yeah..its fun. I just know
that i have one of the best friends i could ever have.. u
know that someone...who....would crack jokes on you
but...would go outta there way for you ..know what im
saying. THEN...THEN...theres those friends who you
love..and love no matter if they have you waiting outside
in times square in the cold december air...for a
longtime..and find out that theyre...home. But yes i still
love them...

Ima be back later....... BYEEEEEEEEEE!


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