mark my words
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2001-12-27 05:28:08 (UTC)


me, kc, and ke did a bad bad thing...
we called lindsay using a voice disguiser thingy and were
like "you want bill! you want bill!" (as a little payback
for playing with mike's head, by really wanting bill while
going out with mike). she bugged out, and was like, "omg!"
and put bill and mike on the phone. they flipped out at
lindsay called me a few minutes ago, all like "holy shit
you will NOT believe what just happened tonight!" she has
NO IDEA it was me and told me every detail (exaggerating a
little bit... "they called five times!" when we called
twice). they all decided it was lindsay's ex, who likes to
harass her, and he and bill may fight because bill called
him and went off. so a little prank by us got MANY people
mad! because now lindsay is mad at cat, who she thinks is
lying to her by saying kris didn't make the calls.