Electric monkey
2001-12-27 05:22:13 (UTC)

12-26-01 [thrown out in the cold]

i havnt written in a long long time. im sorry. i just havnt
been up to it. yesterday was x-mas, so happy late x-mas to
you, then. i had a pretty decent x-mas. i got a new chair
which im sitting in right now. and a digital camera, woohoo.
today i went shopping with jessica at the mall. it was
pretty crouded.
so tonight i went to cardboard practice around 9, with
jessica too. we ended up going to the union, where we sat
on the couches most of the time. then this asshole guy came
up and ran us out of there. and we couldnt walk through the
building the easy way, and less cold way, he made us leave
through the fucking front door, and we had to walk allll
the way around the whole building. great. i was really
really cold.. dang it. that just totally pissed me off. we
werent doing anything wrong, damnit. well, the boys were..
going up in the elevator to get into some room, but oh
well.. i guess we deserved getting kicked out. though i
think putting us out in the cold, on the oppisite side of
the building was a bit harsh.
now im home. im waiting for graham to come online. i
thought he said he was going to come on.. but its 12:14 and
no signs of him yet.. i wish he'd come on.. i know he has
to be home by now, i dropped him at his car at 11... sigh.
where'd he goooo. =P i want to talk to him.dum dee doo.....
my new chair is comfy..
im going to go change into my PJs and put my warm robe on..
while i mess around on the computer some more, as i wait
for graham. though i should go to bed, since i have to work
tomorrow.. grr..
ok, off i go. night.